In the wake of Corona Virus (COVID-19) global alert, being declared as “Pandemic” by World Health Organization (WHO) and its gradual spread in the country, all Employees are hereby directed and advised for strict compliance of the following instructions:

  • Employees and visitors shall mandatory wear the Mask before entering into the workplace/ premises.
  • Employees and visitors shall mandatory sanitize their hands during entry & exit of office premises and frequently wash their hands.
  • Drink plenty of Water, Lemonade-Green-Tea in replacement of Tea/Coffee.
  • Avoid handshake and close contact with each other.
  • While Sneezing/Coughing cover your mouth with your bent elbow.
  • Follow the precautions while in office, transport and at your home. Guide your family members as well to observe similar precautions.
  • Employees are advised to immediately inform (if they feel any symptom of fever, flue, cough, or chest congestion) to the Incharge of concerned office Manager & HR Department.
  • While checkup, if any symptoms of fever, flue or cough found, the respective person/employee shall not be allowed to enter in the premises/ workplace.
  • It is also advised to follow OSHA/ WHO Guidance on preparedness at workplace for effective prevention against the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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