As we know that we are suffering from dangerous disease. So here are the some best and useful safety tips to protect yourself and others from Corona Virus.

Keep Away from your Close Contacts

Yes you read the correct heading. Keep away from your close contacts is basically this disease transfer from one person to another. If any member of the family is affected by Coronavirus so there is a chance that whole family will be suffer from that disease. That’s why it’s important to avoid close contact with others.

Some safety tips that’s will definitely help you to protect from this Coronavirus:

  • Keep social distancing is the safest tip to get suffered from this virus
  • At least always six feet in public places
  • If you are getting bore at home do video call to stay safe.
  • Work from your home to avoid from this dangerous disease
  • Stay away from those who are already sick
  • Avoid people who appear sick.
  • Wear mask if you go outside to purchase some grocery shopping

Practice good hygiene wherever you are

The coronavirus can survive for several hours or even days at some surfaces. Like stainless steel or cardboard. So touching them first and then touch your face is one of the way to become infected form this disease.

  • Best safety tip is to wash your hand again and again after for at 20 seconds, specially:
  • Before preparing food
  • After using your cellphone
  • After using the bathroom and also coming back from public places too.
  • Don’t touch your face eyes, mouth or face especially with unwashed hands.
  • Use sanitizer having 60% of alcohol.

Take these precautions if you are caring for someone who is sick.

  • Wearing mask is the best tip to avoid from virus along with using the good quality sanitizers.
  • Clean your doors, mobile, tables and other sort of things that can spread the Corona virus Clean.

Stay Safe and Healthy and Don’t worry about your Business or Job

Stay safe and don’t worry about your business convert your business online so you can easily kick start your business without being physically interact with anyone. Because if you stay healthy so you can find jobs and start new business. But if you get suffer from any kind of disease so it will not only affect your health but it can also effect on your jobs too.

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