The most popular housing scheme in Karachi is perhaps Bahria Town Karachi. It has managed to capture both investors ‘and genuine buyers’ imaginations and retain them with a wide variety of property options – as A&A Associates has shown. Check patterns too. This blog, on common demand, aims to provide you with all the latest information from Bahria Town Karachi including the growth And possession status and the latest prices from various Bahria Town Karachi precincts and projects including Bahria Paradise and Bahria Golf City.

Spread over more than 44,000 acres of land, it has more than 55 precincts which were launched at different times – as is Bahria Town’s usual practice. In addition, there are several sub-projects that Bahria Town itself has been working on, and they’ve already seen major progress while others have yet to see any construction or growth.


Development and construction

We explained that the majority of development takes place only in the initial precincts – primarily Precinct 1. Quaid Villas and Iqbal Villas were mostly built in the preceding precincts, but most Bahria apartment projects have been built. Ali Block is also being built, in Precinct 12,

Memon further added that most of the commercial development only took place in Midway Commercial, where the own office of Bahria Town Karachi is located. He explained that the work on amenities is being done at a fast pace – the mosque might be finished by the year’s end, the theme park is being worked on, and Bahria Karachi Night Safari is expected to be launched soon.

Construction by Bahria Developers is taking place in other precincts including Precinct 28 and Precinct 30. Finally, villas are also being constructed in Bahria Sports City  – Precincts 34 to 45.


Prices in Precinct 1 – which has 250 sq. – are from the initial precincts, where possession is available. Yd. Yd. Plots-range from 10 million PKR to 17 million PKR. In Precinct 3-2,000 sq. Yd. Yd. Parcels – prices range from PKR 35 million to PKR 40 million, while in Precinct 8 to 250 sq. Yd. Yd. Plots-prices range from PKR 10 million to PKR 12.5 million.

Bahria Golf City

It has 500-, 1,000-, and 2,000-sq. yd. plots. The asking premium for golf-course facing 2,000 sq. yd. plots ranges between PKR 20 million and PKR 25 million. On the other hand, 500 sq. yd. plots, which are are located slightly away from the main golf course, are priced the same as their launching price, which was PKR 8.5 million.

Bahria Paradise

They offers 250-, 500-, and 1,000-sq. yd. plots and the asking premium of 250 sq. yd. plots ranges between PKR 0.5 million and PKR 2.2 million, depending on the location and precinct. Though in Precinct 52 and 53, the prices for 250 sq. yd. plots are lower that their launching prices.

Bahria Heights

For all families, this urban living option is a favored choice, popular for complementing the fast-track lifestyle. It is a mixed-use project with an integrated lifestyle, delivering a unique community concept. The project includes many studio apartments, one, two , and three-bedroom residential suites with a ground that offers easy access to daily necessities. facilities. The apartments are designed with a neighborhood concept, with 4 identical buildings in each block and a central courtyard.

Bahria Icon Apartments

Icon Apartments is a mixed-use project, which is the most technologically advanced building in Pakistan. The Bahria Town Icon stands tall alongside Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar on Karachi’s most prime site, Shahrah-e-Firdousi. Pioneer of modern high-rise buildings in Pakistan, the Bahria Town Icon will change the way we live, what we construct and how we communicate with what we create. A history in its making, the Icon will dictate its term to the future.  It is not just the tallest building of Pakistan but will also have the most advanced infrastructure and amenities that the 21st century has to offer. The bookings for the project are still open.